Piezoelectric Micro Pumps

Piezoelectric Pumps

The piezoelectric micro pump is a miniature, slim and lightweight diaphragm micro pump, which enables continuous micro fluid delivery. Metals are not used as wetted materials so this pump is highly chemically inert. Self priming, low noise, low power consumption and low electro-magnetic noise have been achieved.

Large Flow Type Series

This is a diaphragm micro pump driven by a piezoelectric element.
This pump is a larger size than the standard type so it is able to pump larger flow rate.
Modify flow rate by adjusting drive voltage or frequency. Low power consumption and noise.

Built-In-Driver-Type Series

This miniature diaphragm pump is driven by a piezoelectric element and its driver board is built-in into the pump. It enables the pump to deliver a constant flow rate by operating the pump with constant voltage and frequency, generated by a supply of direct current voltage.

APP Series

This piezoelectric micro pump is a delivery pump, wich uses highly chemically inert materials such as PTFE, PEEK, FFKM, etc. for the wetted parts in order to improve its chemical inertness of standard piezoelectric micro pumps.
Most suitable for the delivery of chemical reagents, etc.


Cartridge Type Series

A built-in magnet enables the pump cartridge to be easily removed from and attached to an actuator with a piezoelectric element.
This makes the pump sanitary, since it is possible to exchange the cartridge according to the fluid type, or sterilizing it prior to use.

Standard Series

This is a miniature, slim, and lightweight diaphragm micro pump driven by a piezoelectric element.
The driving voltage and frequency for operating the piezoelectric micro pump can be arbitrarily set by an external control signal, wich enables a flow rate control.


Source: Takasago