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Distrilab BV, established in 1978 is importer and distributor of laboratory equipment and analytical chemicals. Traditionally its territory was the Benelux, but for some suppliers Distrilab covers greater Europe.

  • 40 years of experience – we know the market

  • Results orientated – result is what counts

  • Team of specialist – a divers team of specialists

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N-Dodecanoyl-NBD-ceramide trihexoside

N-Dodecanoyl-NBD-ceramide trihexoside Common Names: •  N-C12:0-NBD-CTH •  N-C12:0-NBD-Globotriaosylceramide This high-purity fluorescent product is ideal for the identification of ceramide trihexoside in samples and biological systems. 7-Nitrobenzofurazan (NBD) has been shown to have only a small [...]

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Distrilab BV, established in 1978, is importer/distributor of laboratory equipment and analytical chemicals.

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