Today we would like to talk to you about the use of our products in thrusters
for small artificial satellites.

We would like to share with you the case study of Howe Industries.


Howe Industries is a start-up company in Arizona, USA,
who develops propulsion systems for satellites and other spacecrafts.
The propulsion system is a system that includes small rocket engines (thrusters)
used to control the satellite’s orbit and attitude.
Now, they are considering the possibility of installing
our HVA micro valves in the thrusters they are developing.

When they used similar valves from other manufacturers before,
the standard connection lengths of these valves did not match
in their desirable design, so before installing the valves in the system,
they had to cut the connections (pipes) in-house after purchase.
However, chips were generated during the cutting process and they got inside
the valve, then interfered with normal performance of these valves.

On the other hand, when we told them we can customize the pipe lengths
to their requirements, so they were very pleased and accepted
our specified custom valves.

We hope this custom valve will be integrated into their thruster
and would make an actual space flight in near future..



See Below:
Customized HVA valve
(different interface tube lengths from standard)


For Satellite Propulsion Applications
2 MPa pressure rating
ISO19683 vibration and shock requirements met (HVA-2-MFF)
All products are available for customization, such as connection. 

You can read more about it at our suppliers link