Fractional distillation

Fractional distillation is a technique used to purify solvents, chemicals, natural products, petroleum, biodiesel, crude oil and other materials. The distillation column separates various components according to their boiling points. The more efficient the distillation column, the better the separation.

Fractionating can be done in either a traditional packed distillation column or in a spinning band distillation column. B/R offers both types of distillation columns.

Solvent recycling

Essential oil purification

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for distilling natural products, flavors, fragrances, and essential oils.

We offer spinning band distillation columns and packed distillation columns of various sizes. Fully automatic and manually operated models are available. Boiling flask sizes range from 10ml to 50 liters and the number of theoretical plates range from 15 to 200.

Application notes are available on separating natural product mixtures. We can also provide references for your application or your geographic area

Crude oil or petroleum distillation

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for distillation of crude oil and petroleum distillation in fully automatic, semi automatic and manually operated models.

ASTM D1160 distillation

An ASTM D1160 (ISO 6616) vacuum distillation apparatus for the distillation of petroleum products and biodiesel.


Purify your cannabinoids by removing solvents, terpenes, and other undesirable compounds in a single high-efficiency distillation. B/R’s spinning band distillation systems allow you to create the most potent and refined oil on the market.


  • Single pass – Unrivaled oil purity in a single distillation.

  • High Throughput – 1 L/hr on standard model. Larger models available.

  • No degradation – Spinning band preserves the natural oil structure with no degredation.

  • Low holdup – Valuable material is not left behind in the system.

  • Simple operation – Automatic operation with PC control and data loggin.

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